Hey! I'm Louai!
Content creation Generalist . Product . engineering . Management
I code, animate & strategize to build creative/technical teams that create uhmazzzzzing content.

I started my professional life at the turn of the 21st century as an animator, compositor, and motion graphics designer. This selection of work, thickly patinaed at this point, goes up to 2014. Here's a shot breakdown.


While I've loved creating every frame, I really hated every bad workflow. This organically led me to technical art, then pipeline engineering, then DevOps, and finally strategic/financial planning. You cannot build an artists tool without understanding the artists workflow, there are no good artist tools without an automated pipeline to run them on, there is no good pipeline without scalable robust infrastructure, and none of the above actually matters without an excellent recruitment/training strategy that fits in a sane financial model because it's always humans that do the work, and humans need to get paid. My problem solving strategies integrate all of the above.


Here's a talk I gave with Autodesk that takes a dive into High 5 Games creative pipeline. At the time, circa 2016, we were the first game development studio to build a data driven content pipeline with ShotGrid (formerly ShotGun) that seamlessly integrated interactive artist tooling with their multiplatform build system.


This post discusses what sets an awesome digital workflow apart from a mediocre one.


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